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A Foodilicious Carnival – Super Ruchi Habba 2018 is Back!

September 5, 2018

Always I have fantasy for carnivals. Being born and bought up in a cosmopolitan city like Bengaluru, I have not got so many opportunities to enjoy them. I think my prayers were answered that is when Red Ribbon Pro announced their “Super Ruchi Santhe 2017”. Without any further introduction, I want to unveil my experience at this event.

The event started off with a bang and was called International Vegetarian Food Festival which is one of its kind. It housed variety of food. Selfie Cafe an innovative concept of printing your picture on your drink was inaugurated in the event, I got my picture printed during odd hours so that I may not have to wait much, I was very happy about the drink it was certainly memory more than a drink. Then comes the Smoketails, which ruled the media with its new feature of fuming all the time, I tried this too, felt like I am fuming.

Too much of drinks, now let me discuss food, to start with my favourite snack shop for all three days was Mandaaki Swaada, mandaaki here gave a desi feel to the palate, I could not afford missing this even one day during three days. I learnt that it was Mandaaki Swaada’s first try and they were overwhelmed with the response.

I am a chocolate lover, I love chocolates in any form, infused into any dish. One of friends informed me about the chocolate pani puri, so I wanted to give it a try. I had huge expectations. However, it was too chocolatey I usually love chocolates to the core but I felt that as both poori was coated with chocolate and the filling was also chocolate, I couldn’t take it, also felt it was priced high.

Now let me talk about another outlet which I visited all three days, it was none other than Cafe Udupi Ruchi, I ate their corn fritters like there is no tomorrow, this stall was completely packed all three evenings but managed to get my favourite dish. Mirchi bajji was an usual affair, however priced slightly high at the Shimla Bajji shop.

With this let me proceed to desserts, there was something called Guilt Free Kulfi, it was amazing and natural without any artificial additives, it was like hot cake, I would go much ahead to grab my favourite flavour. I should definitely make a mention of Waffle Wale, they had the best Belgian waffles at the store, I thoroughly enjoyed them.

Like icing on the cake, there were programs lined up during the event to engage the crowd. Vasu Dixit made us dance during his concert. Fashion show was elegant. Belly Dance by Nikitha & Team, left everyone spellbound. Adding on to this there were food awards given away for some of the legendary outlets of Namma Bengaluru, such as Vidyarthi Bhavan, NMH, Delite Chats, Chikkanna Tiffin Room, Airlines, Rasovara and many more.

Felt nostalgic when we participated in Lantern Festival and looked at with joy when it flew away.

A power-packed “Super Ruchi Santhe 2017” is coming up as Super Ruchi Habba 2018. This time I am all excited to witness this, as they themselves are calling it as “Habba”, so let’s celebrate. This time it’s bigger and better!

“Super Ruchi Habba” is a three-day celebration of food from 21st to 23rd September 2018. The event will be witnessed by the best brands from F&B industry.

This year they specially curated stalls that offer a plethora of 500+ unique varieties of foods which have homebound as well as the international flavours. Around 120 or more food stalls is ready to enthral the taste buds of nearly one lakh Bengalureans over 3 days at Super Ruchi Habba.

And it’s not just food. There is unlimited fun and entertainment stored in.

A line up of uber famous bands will be performing on all three days. Namma Bengalureans will get to witness Indian culture in the form of food. To keep the excitement on, an array of impromptu competitions will be conducted.

Come over, lets celebrate the food!

When? Sep 21st to 23rd 2018

Where? Freedom Park, Bangalore


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