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Day 1 restaurants hopping at UB City, Vittal Mallya Road, Bangalore

June 27, 2016

As mentioned in my previous blog post, UB City has exclusive and most happening restaurants in the town. We did a restaurant hopping to all the restaurants in the UB City and it was an unforgettable experience to everyone in our gang. It’s always a pleasurable experience to visit these restaurants for every foodie & diner. All these restaurants are extremely good with respect to taste, quality and service.

ub-city-bgCourtesy: UB City

We started our journey with Fava, a Mediterranean restaurant and a most happening place in UB City. The dishes here are curated by Chef. Abhijit Saha, a person who opened a Signature Indian restaurant, Saha, in Singapore’s Duxton Hill area. Chef. Saha also was awarded the ‘Best Chef of India’ at the Indian Restaurant Congress and Awards, 2013. Chef Saha is an expert in Classical and Modern European & Regional Indian cuisines with his overall experience of 24 years. Our lunch started with Dozen Mezze Platter, which had omi huriya, muhammara hummus, greek tzatziki, babaganoush, dolmas, falafel, couscous salad, marinated olives, mint lebneh, walnut and goat cheese dip, red bell pepper hummus served with lavash and Pita breads. For a moment, I was utter to see such a nice presentation of these dishes on a multi steps wooden stand. These dips were outstanding and thoroughly enjoyed. DSC01882.JPG


Soon after tasting all these dips with Pita Bread, a signature dish “Fava’s Signature Micro Green Salad” arrived right next to our table. Well, the Chef was prepared this Micro Green Salad right in front of us with some interesting conversations. The Micro Green Salad was made using Beetroot, Sun Flower, Radish Micro Greens, Lettuce, Balsamic dressing, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Baby Tomatoes and garnished with Almond flakes. Next dish arrived was Veg Platter and it contained Vegetable kibbeh, mushrooms and broccoli, grilled paneer. Out of all, I liked Mushrooms & Broccoli the most – The dish had good amount of seasoning and was tasty. The dish wasn’t too spicy! Post which, I could see a white beauty. Yes, that’s Ravioli stuffed with Sun Dried Tomato & goat cheese & made out of White sauce (creamy butter sage sauce). The Picture below talks rest!





Chef. Saha also owns a restaurant by name Caperberry, which is right next to Fava in UB City. It’s a gourmet restaurant and well known for molecular gastronomy techniques to create modern European dishes. It was my second visit here and had indeed great experience during my first visit, so my expectations were high. However, it was way beyond my expectation. We tried Smoked Bell Pepper Aspuma, Deconstructed veg Paella and Escalivada Mahon Fico Triangle. These 3 dishes were looks tiny at first instance. However, it’s quite filling! The ambiance of the place has classy and royal gesture! It’s an apt place for special occasion and also, would suggest taking expat clients. DSC01832.JPG


Post Fava & Caperberry, we visited “Rasovara – The Royal Kitchen” This is one of the finest vegetarian thali restaurants in the city. We can call this restaurant as Vegetarian’s Nirvana! There was a Mango Festival going on during our visit. Along with the regular fare, they have infused Mango to some of the handpicked dishes. In my way of saying, it was fantabulous and appealing. This is a life saver for most of the vegetarian orthodox families, where there will not be hurdles while dining. Since, Percentage of the Non Veg restaurants is more than Vegetarian restaurants in Bangalore. The Service at the Rasovara is a key point. The waitrons will force you to eat all the dishes, which is something like giving personal importance. The restaurant also offers Portico dining! My recommendations at Rasovara are always Veg Biryani, Kadi, Dal Batti, Dal Khichdi, Pizza Dhokla, Butter Milk and Jalebi.


Food & Love are very important part of life in France, which makes it also a very important part of French culture. I would like to talk about Café Noir, another best French Café in the town and well known for the finest desserts & French gourmet dishes in the town. I liked the elegance of the place, which actually don’t require any sort of description and one should definitely visit this place to show your love of desserts. Well, we started our journey with Moroccan Mint Iced Tea, It was quite refreshing and much needed after the heavy food at multiple restaurants. Post which, La Fermiere Bruschetta topped with Goat Cheese, Tomato Basil Soup, Casollette de poissons, La Gratinee Pasta, Madamme dessert and Macarons! It was another great experience and totally fell in love with these dishes. The folks over here are patient and nice. DSC01879






Our day ended at Café Mangii, an Italian Bistro is well known for the Wood Fired Pizzas in the City. It wasn’t my first visit here. So I have positive expectations about the place and it’s one of my favorites for Watermelon Feta Salad and Pizzas. The Bistro is Cozy, yet charming with good looking interiors. The waiters were all set to serve some delicious Italian fare to all of us. We tried Jalapeno Poppers, Crostini di Polenta, Watermelon cups and Baked cottage cheese. I liked their Watermelon cups and Jalapeno poppers more than everything. It was another great experience and loved overall setting! IMG_0368

Wait for my next Blog Post to know more about our Day 2 hopping!

To be continued,

Address of these restaurants: 2nd Floor, UB City, 24 Vittal Mallya Road, Lavelle Road, Bangalore

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