Culinary Journey


March 6, 2015


We Indians are naturally obsessed towards round shape… After all we take the credit of inventing 0. Especially when it comes to our food, just think about our breakfasts… dosa, idly, poori, chapati, paddu so many rounds or spheres probably to be mathematically correct. These are our breakfasts only, coming to sweets OMG! What to name and what not to almost all resemble round. As a foodie I think having round shape is easy to chew and swallow. On the cooking part, making these dishes is easy as it has no angle, only round and zero angles.

Roti the moment we hear this word, we imagine “round” wheat bread. Anything we have by our mouth will be eaten by our eyes first. The natural tendency in us for the round shape makes us agree that round is beautiful (result from eyes) and hence it is tasty. Try roti of other shapes probably triangle, you feel that it is good but something is lacking. That lacking factor is nothing but your eyes will not be satisfied to the optimum. You can watch out this feature, try yourself anytime making different shape (other than round)out of same dough and have, you will not be happy. It is not because of lack of taste, it is only because of obsession towards round shape.

To tell you more our food is directly associated with moon since our childhood, just to tell you moon is our one more round friend. I am sure moon would have accompanied everybody during your dinner in the childhood. Finally, we all agree that round is beautiful & round is tasty.

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