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Emergence of 99 Varieties of dosas in Namma Bangalore

December 30, 2014


Bangalore is best for dosas compare to all other cities in India. There are thousands of restaurants in the town and dosa in every restaurant is unique. In Bangalore you will get different types of dosas but Masala dosa will get more number of votes compare to other dosas. My favorite is again Masala Dosa. This dish is definitely a favorite one for most of the south Indians especially. I love to eat this dish in restaurants like Vidyarthi Bhavan, CTR, MTR, Dwaraka and Mayyias. They are very famous in preparing masala dosa’s and trust me they are maintaining the same quality and taste till date.

In this competition new dosas has emerged to namma Bengaluru. Yes, that’s 99 varieties dosa.

They started in 2007 or before that at Koramangala Food Street which is opposite to Adigas. I am sure that’s the first cart in Bangalore and I tried for the first time in that cart. I was bit surprised with the preparation style of these dosa’s and price was 35 bucks during that time.

That chain is spreading all over Bangalore in every area but everyone is not doing well and that’s again based on rapport building with the customers, quality, and interest.

I tried in most of the areas and I did not find much difference with the taste.

Well, they have 99 varieties and even more types of dosas and all are unique. You can’t even compare with typical dosas you get in Bangalore.

Some of the dosas I prefer all the time that is Baby Corn Dosa, Cheese corn dosa, Mysore masala dosa, Chinese masala dosa, mushroom dosa, paneer dosa, palak dosa and list goes on.

If you wanted to try these dosas, you need not to bother about the diet. While preparing dosa’s they put lot of butter to make it tastier. These dosas are yumm and not spicy also.

I started visiting to the one near Bugle Rock Park at Basavanagudi which is close to my locality. “Prakruthi 99 varieties dosas” which is again the same cart fitted to an auto. He can prepare 7 to 8 dosa’s at a time. Smiling at the customers is his asset and always enjoys his work. Whenever I visit near bugle rock I and my wife will never avoid this place. These dosa’s will not be crispy but it will be rolled with lot of stuffing and butter which gives unique taste and just melts in your mouth with green and white chutney. These dosa’s are red hot and you should strong enough to consume immediately. Onion and capsicum is default stuffing for all dosas.


I strongly recommend this place to have 99 varieties dosa in Bangalore.

Quality: 4/5
Taste: 4/5
VFM: 3.5/5

Address: Near Bugle Rock Park, Beside By Two Coffee, Basavanagudi, Bangalore 04
Phone # 91 9844460252

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