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Exclusive Preview of Gujarat & Marwari Food Festival at Indian Kitchen, MG Road, Bengaluru

March 2, 2016

May be India is the only country which has diversified cuisines compare to others! It would be hard to list all the distinct regional cuisines, ingredients and dishes across India. However, it can be broadly divided into 4 categories like North Indian, South Indian, North Eastern and Mughalai Cuisines. In these 4 regions, we can further divide into sub cuisines. When it comes to South Indian, the cuisines include Andhra, Chettinad, Malabar, Mangalorean and list goes on! Same way with North Indian sub cuisines are like Rajasthani, Gujarati, Marwari, Bengali, Awadhi, Maharastrian and so many. I am sure, it’s impossible to list out all!


We Indians are fond of every cuisine and have a palate to accept anything which is edible and tasty. That’s why, an Indian can survive anywhere in the world. In India, we can certainly find restaurants serving all global cuisines especially in all major cities. However, Bangalore was way behind in end of 90’s. Since, global cuisines use to be available only in all Star Hotels. There was no fine dine as per my knowledge those days!

The scenario in Bangalore changed with International Pubs, Restaurants and fast food chains occupying the place. To be honest, now it is in a trend of “Name it & Get it”.

While passing through MG Road, a beautiful restaurant by name “Indian Kitchen” snatched my attention and added to my wish list, this was around a month before and surprisingly got an invitation to “Exclusive Preview of Gujarati / Marwari Food Festival” which started from 1st March and goes till 9th March. I was one among the happiest foodies to accept the Invitation. The Exclusive Preview lunch took place on 28th of February’16 and I got an opportunity to try out most of the authentic dishes of Gujarat. The festival lunch was a Vegetarian fare, what else could be the best moment more than this for a Vegetarian like me.


Indian Kitchen – MG Road is well known for cuisines from across the states of the Country. Chefs from Gujarat and Rajasthan have come down to add an authentic flavor for this festival. While having a conversation with a Brand Chef. Shaik Istekhar Mohammed (Ever Smiling Chef) explained the concept of Indian Kitchen. Chefs at Indian Kitchen have traveled across most of the country knocking every door to try understanding, learning and bringing back those recipes to the patrons. This would be the perfect example to call this place as an “Authentic Indian Restaurant”.

Chef Shaikh Istekhar presents the house speciality Raan Biry

The ambiance at the restaurant signifies the culture, heritage, art and architecture of India. As soon as I entered, High ceilings and a heterogeneous decor welcomed me. The colorful cane lamps at the top, has added beautification to the place. If we go to any ancient temples in India like Ajantha and Elora, we could see the paintings done using natural colors and I could feel the similar experience on the floor in Indian Kitchen, which is incredible as their floor is painted using natural colors. The ferocious rogue elephant face on the wall employing idiosyncratic graphics enhances the elegance. However, on the right hand good old Indian restaurants were showcased, through handmade paintings. The wooden dining tables have artistic tiles, which is again unique and never seen such a gorgeous décor in any other restaurant in Bangalore.





As part of the Gujarati / Marwari Food Festival, an authentic menu was designed and priced competitive, though there is no race. I don’t even know most of these authentic dishes and it was a great experience to try. Well, we tried Panki Chutney, Pudina Panki, Moong Dal Chilla, Bajri Khichu, Bajra Uttapam, Dammi Dhokla, Dal Bhati, Undhiyu with Palak Poori, Dhan Shak Bhath, Fada Ni Kichidi, Makai Handwa, Satpadi Roti with Gatta Nu Saag, Kanda Batata Sambhariya, Khichdi Kadi, Moong Khichdi and Sundari Roti. I have been hearing a lot about Undhiyu from one of one of my Gujarati Friend, who is again a great foodie. I am a spicy food lover; still loved the slightly sweeter side Undhiyu because of the distinct taste. Panki Chutney is something I should remember for life; I love the spread of mint chutney and green chili on Panki. I have added extra chili, tasted great and am enticed to try another one. Dammi Dhokla & Khatta Dhokla both were show toppers I would say because of the magnificent taste with green chutney & chilies.







Indian Kitchen also crafted the finest cocktails inspired by color and tradition of various states in India. As part of the Gujarati and Marwari food festival, we tried Khatta Banta, Aloo Bukhare ki Sherbet, Baba ji ki Booti, Amrud ki Thandai, Herbal Dava and Rang Mahal. Out of all these I liked Khatta Banta & Aloo Bukhare ki Sherbet, because of the sweet & sour taste. Both are perfect refreshers during summer.

Aloo Bukhare Ke Sharbhat.jpg

Amrud ki Thandai .jpg

Herbal Dava

Khatta Bantha

I am not a dessert person, still tried a bite of Moong Dal Shira, Kaju Khopra Ka Shira, Puran Puri and Rabdi Malpoa.


It’s a great opportunity to try these authentic dishes at one place and definitely worth a try. As I mentioned before, the prices are not too expensive and not too cheap as well. They priced suitably, when you think of quality and taste prospective. It’s a different experience all together for me and I would be visiting again to try out from their regular menu though.

Gujarati and Marwari Food Festival is on till 9th March 2016! So, go and explore the authentic dishes of Gujarat & Rajasthan.

Note: Indian Kitchen serves Non Vegetarian Food as well. However, as part of the Gujarati and Marwari Food Festival menu is of Vegetarian Fare.

Address: Indian Kitchen, 86, Oak Shot Place, MG Road, Bangalore (Next to Barton Center)

Phone: 080 25598995 / +919620644111

Cards: Accepted

Valet Parking: Available

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