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Faceless Gem for Dosa Lovers – Siddappa Hotel, SR Nagar, Bengaluru.

March 7, 2015

Bangalore has so many restaurants and which is countless. Day by day its keep on snowballing according to the floating! Last 10 years down the line so many opened and closed. Hotel Industry is one of the profitable Businesses in any metropolitan cities. Bangalore is famous for Idly & Dosa to both new comers and local populaces.
There is one survey says “Idly & Dosa is the major & fast selling breakfast dish in Bangalore”. That’s absolutely right. If you go to any south Indian restaurants especially darshini’s, you can catch up more number of people holding a plate with Idly Sambar & Dosa.
Every restaurant has its own style & taste of Dosa. There are so many legendary restaurants in our town who maintains the same quality and taste from a day it opened.
Here I am going to tell you about faceless gem for food lovers
Well, that Restaurant or House is well known to old residents of Bangalore. Yes, that’s Siddappa Hotel which is located near Corporation Circle.

Siddappa Hotel is not at all a Fine Dine or Posh restaurant but you will see posh crowd waiting in a queue to get a place inside for the breakfast before it opens. My visits are countless to Siddappa Hotel in last one Decade.
Mr. Siddappa (Owner) is very systematic and polite person who started this Hotel at his own residence around 30 years ago to feed his family. Trust me the taste of every dish remains same till date and my grandfather is regular patron for this Joint from very beginning.
Hotel is a single storey building between two Peepal trees and I find bit difficult to Pin-point during my first visit but actually it’s not, because I did not take help from localites. This place is heavily crowded especially during weekends and weekdays it’s somewhat better.

I would like to share about my last visit experience in short & sweet.
I finished my late night shift and craving for Dosa, I feel Dosa is a delightful cuisine for most of the Vegetarians in Bangalore, also South Indians. I and my better half decided to go here in the early morning. We both were thinking to get up early to avoid unnecessary queue. But we got up bit late, still my Dosa craving hasn’t stopped and we reached around 9 AM and there was long queue which is quite common. Foodies like me never care about standing in queue.
We waited almost 30 minutes to get a seat. As I mentioned before, this is not a restaurant with comfortable chairs and luxury tables to enjoy your food. The insides are besmirched with three small, isolated sections having the capacity to seat around 25 people. We sit on benches with our backs to the wall. As soon as we sat, waitron distributed a newspaper with Plantain leaf. There are very few restaurants in Bangalore who serves breakfast in a Plantain Leaf, piping hot dishes on this leaf gives you unique taste.
We both decided to eat only Masala Dosa here but steaming hot Idly tempted me to savor it. Idly’s served with Chutney & Saagu. My wife don’t like Idly at all, but after taking one bite from my portion. She couldn’t control to order one of her. The Piping Hot idly was just melted in my mouth, I still feel the taste of it and my mouth started watering.


Another happening dish at Siddappa Hotel is Masala Dosa. Well, it’s Half Masala Dosa. Strange? Yes its fact. They serve Half Masala Dosa only due to heavy demand, if you want another half then go ahead and stand in a queue. Here Masala Dosa will be neither thick nor thin; in one word I will say “Perfect”. Dosa will be soft in some of the areas and crispy at the corners. Dosa will not be spicy though.


Apart from Dosa & Idly, they also serve Khali Dosa & Rice Bath which is again excellent.
We enjoyed our Breakfast with 2 plates of Idly and 2 Half Masala Dosa’s.
The best part is that nobody refuses anything offered till the ‘Masala Dosa’ is served and ghee is offered for all the dishes. Once you logout, A Thick mustache Mr. Siddappa will be sitting on a stone slab & facing towards the exit/entrance of the Hotel to collect your Bill!

Here no one will give you any paper bill, just have to say what all you ate. He calculates and collects Money.
Being a regular visitor, I asked Mr. Siddappa for a reason in Serving Half Masala Dosa instead of Full. He honestly said we have limited staffing and demand is more. He doesn’t want to expand or relocate it to anywhere.
Price for 2 people will costs you approx. Rs. 200
I strongly recommend visiting this place for Masala Dosas in Bangalore.
Timings: Weekdays 8.30am to 11.30am & Sunday 7.30am to 11.30am.
Address: 38, 7th Main, 5th Cross, Sampangiramanagar, Bangalore.
Directions to Reach: If you are coming from Vittal Mallya Road, in the corporation circle take left, drive further and take 3rd left. Head straight down till the Panchalingeshwara Temple.

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