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Food Bloggers Association Bangalore (#fbab) 4th Meet Up @ Yauatcha, One MG, Bengaluru

August 3, 2015


Chinese cooking is one of the oldest and most diverse in the world. Each of the 23 boonies within China has its peculiar cooking style – from the fiery heat of the Sichuan, Hunan and Jiangzi provinces to the mutton and lamb dishes in Beijing, a province prejudiced by the invasion of the Tartar and Mongol people and their Muslim traditions and ingredients.

Of all the Chinese regions, it is the cuisine in the Guangdong or Canton Province that is the most mottled. The Cantonese are well-known for eating almost everything, with offal, chicken feet, snakes and snails. Parenthetically, it is due to the large number of early expatriates from Guangdong that when Westerners state of Chinese food they’re usually referring to the Cantonese cuisine.

Dim sum is a style of Cantonese food that has grown progressively widespread in the Western world in recent years. It is indissolubly linked with yum cha, or the act of drinking tea – so much so that even now the two phrases are used interchangeably.

Dim sum means ‘touch the heart’ in Chinese. The trivial portions were premeditated to merely touch the heart not sate the craving, and as such were first adored as snacks. Over time, however, yum cha has advanced, and the cuisine is now a vital part of Chinese ethos.

Dim sum has grown from a relaxing roadside letup to a meal that you can enjoy at any time of the day or night. Similarly, the dim sum enjoyed thousands of years ago has changed to imitate other beliefs, differing from one country to the next. Though, the ethos behind yum cha and dim sum remains the same: it is food to be loved surrounded by the people that you love.

Well, I recently happened to visit Yauatcha at 1 MG Mall in Bangalore for Fourth #fbab (Food Bloggers Association Bangalore) Meetup. FBAB always does their meet ups at classy places in the town. Being a food blogger, I always get an opportunity to be part of these events.

This meet up was basically to try out their newly introduced Dim-Sums and Dessert Platter!

There were 10 top bloggers in the town to savor the Dim-Sums & Dessert Platter, we all reached by 7.30pm and a blogger table was reserved for us at the entrance, hence we could see the complete dining area at One single look!

Yauatcha is one of the classiest restaurants in Bangalore and synonym for Cantonese Cuisine and popular destiny for Dim-sums in the Town. I knew that “YAUATCHA LONDON” is one of the Michelin Star restaurants in the World, so my expectations about the “YAUATCHA BANGALORE” also went high.

Yauatcha Bangalore is such an amazing place with brilliant décor. The restaurant has classy uniform interiors and matchless ambiance! Confidently indeed great place for fine dining experience in the town! An apt place to celebrate a special day with loved ones with tasty Dim-Sums.

They have a huge Bar Counter which is elegant though!

As I said earlier, this meet up was a tasting session, so the menu was designed accordingly and we were served starters, main course which mainly included the Dim Sums (steamed, baked and fried) and signature desserts.

I had a feeling that Dim Sums are more of Non Vegetarian delicacy, but in Yauatcha, they served equal number of Vegetarian Dim-Sums. Also, I had a feeling that fish sauce is being used for most of the Chinese & Cantonese dishes, but the folks at Yauatcha clarified that, they don’t use.

Here is the Vegetarian Dim-Sums arrived for us, there were so many Non Veg Dim-sums too, but I have no clue how it tastes!

  1. Vegetable Chiu chow dumpling – Dim-Sums look like a Vegetables covered by a transparent Presented nicely and tastes brilliant with Soya & Red Chili Sauce.
  2. Baked vegetarian chicken puff – By name it looks like Non-Veg? Definitely not!
  3. The vegetarian chive dumpling – The Dish was brittle, the sauce added a matchless wisdom of flavor and the wadding within was juicy and prepared to flawlessness.
  4. Fried turnip cakes – I am the only one in the group who liked this dish, the fried dumpling made with some sticky rice and deep fried, garnished with fried garlic chunks.
  5. Veg Cheung Fun – Gorgeous Dish and everyone’s favorite one! The dish has softness outside and crispy layer inside, tastes “superb” in one word.

They served us Dessert Platter, which consists of Assorted Macaroons, Chocolate Hazel nut Mousse, Religieuse & Milk Chocolate Praline.

  1. Chocolate Hazel nut Mousse – This was a gorgeously crooked out mousse, so handsome and flawless and a hidden surprise—a little ball of what appeared like chocolate truffle at the core of it.
  2. Religieuse – Chocolate choux pastry with a dark chocolate crunchy cremeux and hazelnut praline, gianduja ice-cream. This is heavenly and you will definitely crave after seeing the picture.
  3. Milk Chocolate Praline – Choux pastry bursting with the sweetest and blissful flavor cremeux, an accomplishment truly.
  4. Assorted Macaroons – I have mixed feeling about Macaroons here! I liked Raspberry delight among all.

Some of the dishes we like or dislike. End of the day experience matters and memories will retain forever! Yes, we had an Indeed Great Time at Yauatcha J

The Best part about the Yauatcha Bangalore is, most the dishes served at Michelin Star restaurant Yauatcha London are available here which is commendable.

Service is another USP at Yauatcha; folks here are endowed about the dishes they serve and have deep knowledge about the background of every dish. They served dishes quickly one after another. I also noticed that Service was indeed upright to other guests as well. There were so many happy faces in the other tables too!

They have recently introduced Vegetarian & Regular Select at Rs. 888 & Rs. 988 + Taxes, which are specially designed for pronto lunches, preset for you to enhance the value of your time at Lunch and for those who value their time with family and friends.

If you are a dessert lover, Yauatcha also introduced Dessert platter at Rs. 988 + Taxes, do ask staff for more information about it.

I would like to thank Mr. Shwetesh Priyam from Yauatcha Bangalore for his wonderful Hospitality and special thanks to #fbab for inviting me to such a beautiful restaurant.

Do visit and enjoy the Cantonese Cuisine at Yauatcha Bangalore

Address: 1 MG Road Mall, MG Road, Bangalore

Phone # +91 9222222800


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