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Food Bloggers Association Bangalore’s 3rd Meetup @ District 6, Malleshwaram, Bengaluru.

July 2, 2015


Food Bloggers Association, Bangalore has organized their 3rd Foodie Meet up in District 6, a prestigious landmarks for German craft beers in North Bangalore. District 6 is located on the ground floor of Sheraton Bangalore and beside Orion Mall.

District 6 has a state of the art brewing technology sourced from Kasper Schulz and the malts to make the finest beer have been imported from Weyermann, Germany.

The whole essence of the place is that everything is divided into 6, hence the title. The food, beer, drinks, entertainment are classified into 6 different districts; for instance under the drink section there is a Wine district, Shooter District, Toddler District and so on. The 6 kitchen districts comprise the heart of the District 6 culinary experience. The districts explore tastes suitable for all palates and perfectly compliment the range of freshly brewed beers and eclectic cocktails. There’s definitely something for everyone’s taste with districts varying from salads, burgers, wraps to a German district, Fry district and a Wok & Curry district.


The place has a breathtaking ambience with imaginative décor. I guess designer might took lot of time to think & design this beautiful place.


FBAB invited few Food bloggers, Critics and Food Photographers for this meet up. As soon as I see my name on the invite list, I was so excited, as this place was on my wish list for a long time. This meet up was happened on the 28th Day of June at 12.30pm.

Most of us in this meet up are known, each other and friends in fact; honestly, I earned so many good friends after started writing blogs.
After socializing with fellow foodies, a polite waiter served us 6 different types of Craft beers in shot glasses as tasters.

I love cocktails more than a beer to be honest, but I don’t mind trying craft beers! Everyone had their own impression about different beers which served; it differs from a person to person. Well, they have 4 varieties of beers which is available every day and 2 would be special or “Beers of the Day”.

These are the tasters we tried – The Liberator Aka Lager, The Chief, Dark Lord, The Kapitan, Smoking Konig and Radler. Most of the beers available in the market are Lager beers and I did not find much difference. I tried all the beer tasters and stick to the Dark Lord, which contains powerful brown caramel with an alcohol percentage of 4.5% and it’s a well-balanced among all. This is incredibly sweet, smooth and flavor of dark coffee.

Next to Dark Lord, I adored “The Guru” which is bright, malty and aromatic. District 6 folks say that Beer monks love this, but being a non-beer guy I fell in love with it. This beer tastes exclusive compare to other ones.

There is a light beer by name “Radler” which is lemon flavored with the alcohol level of 2.4%. Lightest beer among all and this is apt for people who wanted to start.

After trying the tasters, they arranged the brewing tour for FBAB members which are much needed for a blogger like me. It was an indeed great presentation from one of the staffs!

Brewing process goes like this:

  1. Mixing the Malt in boiling water for about 8 hours.
  2. Adding the required ingredients and ferment for about 8 hours.
  3. At last, adding flavors to the fermented content.

District 6 has introduced Veg & Non Veg Platters at 799 INR for each person (Excluding Tax) and when you opt for this platter, you will get 50% discount on all beverages and craft beers which are praiseworthy.

Being a Vegetarian, I tried their Veg Platters including Tandoori, Continental and Oriental Platters.

  1. Tandoori Platter contains Paneer Tikka, Kele Ki Galouti and Sarson Wali Gobi. Out of 3 dishes here, I liked Paneer Tikka & Kele ki Galouti – Paneer was soft and marinated perfectly with medium spice level where as Kele ki Galouti was fried perfectly and just melted in my mouth. However, Sarsan wali Gobi did not impress me much, I felt it’s little lemony. Tart lovers might like it.
  2. Oriental had Tempura, Sichimi Corn and Lotus stems – In this platter, I liked all three – Veg Tempura was perfectly fried, crispy and nice texture though. Lotus stems are something new for me which was soft and crispy. It goes well for me with wasabi mayo! However Sichimi Corn was regular, still adored it.
  3. Continental Platter was the first one which they served and everyone was hungry, as soon as it reached table everything was vanished. Well, fry platter had Onion rings, Nachos and some root chips. This is an adorable platter for both veg and non-vegetarians. I personally loved all three dishes.

There was a non-veg platter too and fellow non vegetarian friends enjoyed those!

While having starters, I was tempted to try out Mojito and Bloody Mary, I feel both were light and requested to make it strong. After revising, both were upright! I advised to add extra Tabasco sauce for Bloody Mary, which was upright for a spicy lover like me.

In main course, we ordered Veg Biryani, Naan, Idayappam, Makai or Corn Palak.


Veg Biryani serves here is Awadhi style and served in a pot. The dish was piping hot and tastes intensely. Trust me; I enjoyed every bite of it.  I couldn’t find even a single piece of Indian spices and that’s the specialty of Awadhi Biryani.

My tummy was almost full with Biryani, still I tried a couple of morsels Makai Palak and Idayappam, both were prepared well and tastes splendid.

In desserts, waiter served Eton mess which looks vivid and tastes prodigious!


My Special Thanks to Food Bloggers Association Bangalore and staffs at District 6 for their Hospitality & Service!

Address: G 3, 4, 5, Ground Floor, Sheraton Hotel, Brigade Gateway Campus, Malleshwaram, Banglore

Phone # +9180 61766666 & +91 7259906666


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  1. Hi Naveen,
    Very well written! I just wanted to bring to your notice that, i think you have interchanged the pictures of the continental and oriental plater 🙂

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