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Hyatt Culinary Challenge – People Cooking for People at Hyatt Bangalore

October 28, 2016

Someone’s passion for food is tied up with a social cause, will benefit the society. The confluence of the duo happened in Hyatt, Bangalore recently. I was pleased to be part of this event. Yes, this is all about, “Hyatt Culinary Challenge-people cooking for people.” Hyatt hosted this event countrywide. SMILE foundation, partner NGO of Hyatt in India also actively participated in the event.


As I mentioned earlier the event, showcased the passion for cooking among the corporates. A bunch of such interested professionals were picked and each of them were paired with a SMILE foundation kid to participate in the cooking event. They had all the freedom to cook their own recipe. The contest was judged by Suresh Hinduja, Aslam Gafoor and Jackie Pinto.


The winning dish was the Mutton Biriyani, cooked by one of the Participants.

The ambiance was perfectly set for the continental cuisine.  Lido, being all-day dining restaurant has a good pool view and the pool was lined with live counters of pizza, pasta, Potato Roastie during the event. The counter served delicious food of our choice. Lido offers wide range of Indian and International delicacies. This place serves ideal business lunch also helps you to relax and unwind from the day-to-day hustle-bustle with cheerful pool view. You can chose the place for casual or business purpose, as per your needs. The Alfresco Seating is perfect to cherish your lazy Sunday brunch.

It was an energetic afternoon, with smiling faces of kids in aprons and caps around. All participants tried their hand to showcase their creativity. With the judges’ response, we could make out how each dish was cooked very differently and had a unique taste which they tend to cherish.


Let me take you through the day’s menu:

Burmese khow suey: soup was just perfect with mild spice levels. Aroma was out of the world. Overall, great one to kick start our lunch.

The thin crest pizzas were heavenly topped with basic vegetables like sautéed onions, tomatoes and mushrooms.

White Sauce Pasta: Right aroma and texture made pasta to just melt; we chose to have penne pasta.

Fried Rice: It tasted good with light flavor. Fried rice and noodles were also served in live counter.

Red Velvet: It was bliss, with right texture and uniform flavor.

The dishes which I mentioned above is may be 10% of the overall Sunday brunch.

I would like to Thank Hyatt Bangalore for having us for this Social Cause!

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