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Middle-Eastern Food Festival – Mynt, The Taj West End, Race Course Road, Banglaore

August 15, 2016

Taj West end in Bangalore is one of the greatest assets in the City. It’s one of the oldest properties located in amidst of the City and reachable to most of the popular destinations in the Town. The Taj West End is a lush sanctuary in Bangalore. Started by the Bronson’s as a 10-room inn in 1887, it now has 117 splendid rooms and suites that dot the expansive landscaped gardens, each with a gorgeous view. Home to the second-oldest tree in the city and a Victorian-era postbox still in use and kept at the Entrance, this ambient hotel is a seamless synthesis of the attractions of a bygone era and contemporary facilities and luxuries.



The Taj West End is homespun to a range of almighty fine-dining involvements, with flavors crafted for every palate. Relish authentic Vietnamese cuisine at Blue Ginger and sip on luscious cocktails at the Blue Bar. Try some traditional Indian fare with an uplifting twist at Masala Klub and pamper in the lavish Sunday brunch buffet at Mynt.

DSC06928I was here for the exclusive preview of Middle-Eastern Food Festival at Mynt. It was a well-organized dinner meet at the veranda facing garden at Mynt. The Bloggers table was all set to welcome us!


An evening started with a Watermelon Cooler and it was so refreshing to kick starts our dinner. There was a preset menu with Veg & Non Veg fare. Surprisingly, there were equal number Vegetarian dishes on the menu that made most of the vegetarians happy!


The enticing aromas from the kitchens of the Middle East have made their way to the Middle-Eastern Food Festival at Mynt, The Taj West End Bangalore.

With dishes inspired from ‘Souk’ at The Taj Mahal Palace and Towers, Mumbai, Executive Chef Sandip Narang and his team curated the extravagant menu highlighting savories like Mouttabel,  Fattoush, Hummus, Muhammara dates, Falafel, Rubian Meshwi, Lamb tagine, Baklava, Omali and much more. It is truly a culinary display that has to be experienced to be believed.

Below are some of the dishes I tried and loved during the preview! Cold Mezze consisted of Mouttabel, Tabbouleh, Hummus, Flavored Labneh and Muhammara Dates & Hot Mezze consisted of Spinach Fatayer and Cigara Boregi.

  1. Moutatabel is a traditional delight from Beirut chars grilled aubergine pureed with sesame paste and olive oil – The dish was slightly spicier and had little smoked flavor.
  2. Tabbouleh, a cracked wheat, parsley, tomato and onion salad from Tripoli – The dish was so refreshing and aromatic, because of the parsley presence. The dish made with fresh ingredients.
  3. Hummus is a chickpea puree with sesame paste and olive oil, a favorite across Middle East – I could sense the authenticity based on the texture and taste.
  4. Flavored Labneh made with Mint, Olive and Sumac flavored Yoghurt – Somehow I felt too much of sourness with the dish. However, others totally enjoyed.
  5. Muhammara Dates was made with Red Pepper, Walnuts, Pistachio dip stuffed in Kimia Dates – I tried this for the first time and I totally enjoyed without any issue. Since, it was my first experience. So, I won’t be able judge on the authentic taste. DSC06918
  1. Spinach Fatayers are the oven baked triangle shaped filled with spinach pinenuts and tastes totally extraordinary because of the aromatic flavor & lemony taste. DSC06977
  2. Cigara Boregi – Cheese and Leeks filled crispy rolls – It was excellent and completely overwhelmed with the texture & taste. This was the showstopper on the evening is all I would say! DSC06958
  1. Shorba Adas – An Egyptian specialty, which is made out of lentil soup flavored with cumin garnished with onion straws! The shorba was mild, simple & light. The flavor was only from Cumin & Onion straws.                  DSC06994
  2. Khoubz – I have had Khoubz in several places. However, I have not seen such soft and fluffy ones before!              DSC06948
  3. Pide Bi Zattar – A Turkish bread looks similar to Italian Pizza. However, the taste is different! The bread was made perfectly with the decent seasoning and topped with the Cheese and smells great.  DSC06984
  4. Turkish Grilled Vegetables – Zucchini, Broccoli and Mushroom grilled in Turkish sauce and served through Skewers. I was not so impressed with the dish because of excessive smoked flavor. DSC07017
  5. Berber Tagine – The gravy kind of a dish made with exotic vegetables like Olives, Zucchini, Broccoli, Mushroom and goes well with Rice & Noodles. There is some Indian touch with respect to the taste.
  6. Roz Bil Shaareyyah – An Egyptian dish with moderate spice level yet flavorful. It was wonderful with Berber tagine!  DSC07038
  7. Baklava – I am a great fan of Baklava after had at Café Arabica in Frazer Town. I was totally impressed because of the right sweetness and richness. However, I set my new benchmark at Taj West End. The Baklava was insanely good and tastes out of the world.
  8. Mahalabia – This looks more like a Pudding and tastes decent.  DSC07082

It was an indeed great evening and pleasure meeting knowledgeable Executive Chef. Sandip Narang! The Chef learnt all these dishes by visiting various households in different regions, that’s something laudable. The dishes were cooked with perfection!

The festival is going to start from August 17 – 27, 2016 and these dishes are available for dinner between 7pm to 11pm!

Address: Taj West End, Race Course Road, Bangalore

Phone: 080 66605660

Reservation: Recommended

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