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Most Awaited Zomato Foodies Meetup @ Loft 38, Indiranagar, Bengaluru

August 7, 2015

Loft 38 is one of the places where I was longing to visit from a long time and it remained on my “Wish list” on Zomato. But, Zomato meet-up enabled me to promote the status into  “Been Here”.

Well, Zomato organized their Foodies Meetup at Loft 38, Indiranagar, Bangalore on 6th August 2015 and I got an opportunity to be part of it and meet fellow foodies some of them being my friends while the others meeting for the first time.


I have heard a lot about Loft 38 from quite some time and some of my foodie friends visit here on a regular basis to enjoy their Signature Cocktails and Mouth Watering Starters! Loft 38 is one of the most happening places in Bangalore with Massive Crowd and difficult to get a table especially on weekends.

The Meet Up was organized at 6pm and I was the first person to walk in around 5.30pm I reached the place. I fairly did not liked the ambience initially when I stepped in and I felt sober Interior but once the place was lit up around 6.30pm, the place got an amazingly kick ass rustic décor, which was totally appealing.


The Special Menu was crafted for the #zomatomeetup to include Starters, Main Course, Desserts, Mocktails and some fast moving Cocktails.

After socializing with foodies and zomato team, starters keep arriving on our tables. One of my foodie friends Nameesh kept telling about Crispy Avocado Pastry and this was part of the menu!

In Starters, I had

  1. Crispy Avocado Pastry – You might think that, why I mentioned about pastry in starters! Well, it’s not a pastry but definitely a blissful starter. This dish had a proper onion, tomato and avocado based stuffing in a Puri. As soon as you put it in your mouth, the flavors just burst.


  1. Tandoori Paneer Sushi – I am not a great fan of authentic or traditional style sushi because of lack of flavors in it. But in Loft 38, it’s a fusion dish – They stuffed Tandoori Paneer in Sushi and tastes heavenly because of Indian Masala Twist to this Japanese Dish.

wpid-dsc00866.jpg3. Wheat blinis with truffled mushroom and walnut compote – Mashed Mushroom & Walnut compote placed on small pancakes, I have mixed feeling about this dish.wpid-dsc00864.jpg4. Melon & Sherry Emulsion with crispy brie – The dish looks simple, but crispy cheese is so appealing and you will definitely ask for more! This dish should eat and then have a Sip of Melon & sherry emulsion which is served in Shot Glasses.wpid-dsc00858.jpg

In Main Couse, I had

  1. Jerks Cottage Cheese – The Cheese wasn’t so soft. However, the dish has lots of flavors and served with Mango based dip. Again a mixed feeling about the dish.wpid-dsc00889.jpg
  2. Kadai Vegetables with Laccha Paratha – By the time it arrived on table, the dish was warm. However taste of Kadai Vegetables is superb and Laccha Paratha was so soft. Must try if you don’t mind eating North Indian food at places like Loft 38.wpid-dsc00884.jpg

In Desserts, I had

  1. Signature Cheese Cake – I am not a great fan of Pastries or Cakes, but here I am impressed. Smooth and rich, heavy and yet so easy to swallow. Melted in my mouth and leaves me longing for just one more bite.wpid-dsc00901.jpg
  2. Prune & Almont Tart – The dessert, which has both sweet, sour and off course great taste with nice texture.wpid-dsc00908.jpg

They served some signature cocktails and mocktails during this Meetup! Especially I liked Pussy Galore and Double Hit among all cocktails.

I really appreciate Mr. Ravish who served most of the dishes. He is Humble, Kind and Polite!

During the Meetup, we had a great interaction with Chef Vibhuti Bane and he explained about the fusion dishes. The best part is, one of the foodie members was craving for Veg Sliders in loft 38. Although it was not part of the menu, Chef got some portions for us! That’s quite commendable.


We also had a nice interaction with Zomato Team and got some insights into their strategies. They have lots of innovative ideas to come up with in near future!

A good news for Zomato foodies is that they need not have to wait for 6 months now on to be part of these Meetups. They have plans to conduct Meetups for every two weeks that is much essential for the foodies to explore some great food at elegant places in the town.

This #Zomatomeetup was one of the unforgettable meetups so far!

Thank you Loft 38 & Zomato for hosting such a wonderful meetup.

Address: 763, Near Sony World, 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore 560038

Phone # 080 49652537


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