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My Views on Dosa and Legendary Restaurants in Namma Bengaluru

February 2, 2017

It’s certainly feels bad, if a person or bunch of people gang-up together to talk about iconic eateries in Namma Bengaluru. Well, I have decided to write this based on mixed opinions about Dosa & other Breakfast dishes in Bangalore.

I have been following & debating about these for a while now in multiple groups and with some well- known people. Let me take an example of “Dosa”. It’s a controversial topic when you address it as “Best Ever Dosa” at XYZ Place. The questions and comments with will be something like, Dosa is thin, Dosa is thick, Dosa made with Dalda, They don’t serve Sambar with Dosa, Chutney is bland, Dosa is not golden brown in colour, Long waiting for Dosa, We get better Dosa in Darshinis and list goes on!

In Bangalore, Dosa looks totally different from one legendary eatery to another. Please note, I am not talking anything about Darshini’s and that’s something different and off topic. Since, Bangalore is a metropolitan city with people from all over the country, people have mixed opinions. We have a habit of comparing one place to other and comparing against our first experience.

One small example, one of my friends tried the Dosa for first time & he loved the dish. However, he dint like at one of most rated Dosa place in Bangalore just because the Dosa was too crispy. That person loved soft and thin Dosa. As his first experience was with thin & soft one. Let me make you understand, taste of Dosa is subjective and people can choose a place according to the taste of it.

Also, when it comes to legendary eateries it’s not just about food; it’s an experience & nostalgic feeling! It’s easy for people to comment on those eateries, but believe me, we dined at these places with father’s & Grandfather’s and the Decor always gives us memorable experiences.

Below are some of my favourite dosa places in Namma Bengaluru which you shouldn’t miss.
CTR, Vidyarthi Bhavan, MTR, MLTR, Dwarka, Mangala, Namma SLN, Chikkanna Tiffin Room, Siddappa, Konark, Ballal, NMH, Janatha Hotel, Sakhath Tindi, Sai Skanda, UKB Balepet, SN Refreshments, Chalukya, Airlines Hotel, Janardhana, Janatha Malleshwaram, Ranganna Tiffin Room, Hotel Priyadarshini, Hotel Sanman, New Krishna Bhavan, Hotel Samrat and there are bunch of street carts residing at the same places since ages.

Masala Dosa at MLTR
CTR aka Shree Sagar Masala Dosa
Janatha Hotel Dosa


Masala Dosa at Chikkanna Tiffin Room
Khali Dosa at Chikkanna Tiffin Room
Open Mini Sabsige Soppu Dose at Namma SLN aka Muddanna Hotel
Lemon Rice topped on Masala Dosa available in Nagaratpet Street Carts
Masala Dosa at Vidyarthi Bhavan

In all these places, you cannot expect fine dine service. However, they will certainly not disappoint you. Finally I would say, all the legendary eateries in Bangalore are must visit and can stick to few of them according to one’s choice.

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  1. Also adding to this list the khali dosa Served hot with generous amount of sambar at Hotel janatha, madiwala. A 30 year old establishment.

  2. This post has given me an idea that I am very excited about, if I am able to execute the idea beyond it’s existence as an idea, I will surely get in touch with you..

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