Niruttara – An Answer For Today’s Generation’s Dilemmas

December 28, 2016
Movie: Niruttara
Language: Kannada
Sub Titles: Yes, English.
DURATION: 2 Hours 42 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 23rd December 2016
Genre: Romance, Drama

Lead Roles: Bhavana Ramanna as Hamsa, Kiran Srinivas as Achinth, Rahul Bose as Pradeep and Aindrita Ray as Shravya.

Niruttara is a non-commercial Kannada movie directed by Apurva Kasaravalli, son of legendary Girish Kasaravalli – A man who has won maximum film awards in Sandalwood.

Plot: Achinth is an easy going musician with an ambition of having his own rock band. Shravya is a friend of Achinth, a serious documentary film maker. Hamsa is a common friend or well-wisher to Shravya, who helped her in making the documentary shoots. Pradeep is a well settled IT Professional and Hamsa’s Husband. Hamsa & Pradeep were having a lavish life. Since they had money, cars, bungalow and everything. However, lacking of understanding because of the time, workload, pressure and deadlines. Well, it’s pretty common these days. I am sure every IT employee will experience this. They will not be able to show the love to their loved ones because of various aspects and that’s not something intentionally.

Well, Achinth meets Hamsa in one of the wedding receptions & infatuated with her beauty. Shravya introduce each other, which made Achinth to build friendship with Hamsa. Since, Hamsa wasn’t really happy with her companion and she was in stage to go for a vacation. So, she approach Shravya to tag her for the documentary video shoot at Himachal Pradesh. Achinth also wanted to join her for Himachal. The fact is that, Hamsa also had a crush on Achinth due to his care taking attitude. Day by day, they like each other up to extreme level. One fine day, Hamsa tells Achinth that she is married & just celebrated her 10th Anniversary. But, that wasn’t really stopped Achinth to stop loving Hamsa. After the successful documentary, everyone had been to Goa. Pradeep visits them & sees that both were staying together. Pradeep knows that, it’s all because of him. A woman actually needs an attention & care taking husband more than jewels, money & bungalow. It’s a fact that, most of them aren’t aware.

Will Hamsa and Pradeep be divorced or they understand each other and have a good family, forms the essence of the story.


  1. Rahul Bose did an excellent job with his expressions, politeness and intellectual attitude. Precisely, he answers the questions & handles the situations just with his facial expressions.
  2. Music is fabulous. Niladri Kumar, a music director crafted the melody songs brilliantly. One cannot say no to these beautiful songs.
  3. People in lead roles did justice. When it comes to Bhavana, she is certainly apt for that role & cannot imagine anyone. 
  4. They have chosen Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan & Goa – Cinematography at these places is top notch & shot beautifully, which attracts every audience.
  5. Not much unnecessary dialogues, which made me happy. 

Improvement: First half is lagging and slows with respect to screenplay. However, it’s contradicting in second half.

Though it’s a first movie directed by Apurva Kasaravalli. But, the movie direction for Niruttara is made from experienced one. Apurva Kasaravalli had chosen the current relationship glitches as his debut script.

Finally, it’s one of the good movies which talks about the human & relationship values. Also, it motivates people to give importance to their spouses. Good to see, Kannada industry is coming up with movies like Niruttara. If you are commercial movie lover with comedy, fights and songs. This would certainly not your cup of tea. But, believe me, it’s one of the good movies in recent times.

I must tell you that Niruttara definitely answers today’s generation’s dilemmas!

My Rating – 4/5

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