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Palm Oil – Natural Treasure of Vitamins

December 28, 2016

Diet! This word never vanishes from our lifestyle, no don’t take me wrong, being a foodie I love to keep myself fit. Of course, not with rigorous dieting and controlled eating. I believe in eating healthy. Again, eating healthy does not mean to cut down on oil but make a wise choice while selecting your oil.Since ages, we have tendency to keep away from palm oil because of the myth that it can do nothing good for us. Off late in early 2000s, we are considering this as an option. So, let us debunk the myth of palm oil.

Palm oil is derived from flesh of the fruit of the oil palm species E. Guineensis. For about 4,000 years now, people in the coastal regions of Central and West Africa and South and Central America are blessed to consider this as their sacred food. Though our Asian nation, Malaysia is blessed with this natural gift we have failed to recognize it. But, Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) have identified this and have showcased this natural product to people who have never realized its importance. Even I was one of them before attending an event hosted by MPOC.

Palm oil exists in different types. In many instances, it has proved to be replacement for the traditional hydrogenated oils. The fruit from which the palm oil is extracted is one of the few fatty fruits which happens to be one of the significant fats which human body needs. The fatty acid composition of palm oil is different it has 10% polyunsaturated, 40% unsaturated, and 50% saturated component. In the room temperature, palm oil exists in semi-solid state.

With good resistance to oxidation, palm oil can heat for long at high temperatures. The same food cooked using traditional hydrogenated oils can be prepared using palm oil. Not to worry, taste is assured. Junk potato chips and French fries out of palm oil is healthy.

Including palm oil in your diet reduces the risk of Alzhemier’s, Cancer, Hypertension, Arterial thrombosis, and many more. To safeguard this nature’s treasure and make sure it is reaching people and help them in staying fit and health, MPOC has taken this noble initiative of introducing the world to unknown product.

MPOC builds an everlasting bond with the customer as it adheres to its commitment on delivering only the best. Next time we know how to stay healthy while eating junk. All credits to palm oil and MPOC.

You can visit MPOC’s official site by clicking to get further information.

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