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Smaaash Launched India’s first Carnival Cafe and Bar – ‘Mighty Small’ in 1 MG Mall, Bengaluru.

February 26, 2016

India’s First Carnival Themed Café and Bar in Namma Bengaluru! Do we really need this kind of a restaurant in Bangalore? I would say yes, reason being, we all love carnivals and that’s again from 5 years old kid to 80 years old. The carnivals are something which gives joy, happiness and fun! I would love to visit carnivals and unfortunately carnivals in the city are reduced compare to late 90’s. Well, Life is a circus and it is time to bring out the confetti as Smaaash, the immersive gaming and entertainment zone, launches India’s first carnival themed cafe called ‘Mighty Small” in 1 MG Mall, which is one of the prestigious malls in the town!


Mighty Café is located in one of the sections at Smaash, which is World Class Sports & Entertainment Arena opened on 29th Jan’16, after redefining entertainment and sports engagement in Mumbai, Gurgaon and Hyderabad, Smaaash – the country’s first gaming and entertainment center now in Namma Bengaluru.

The Smaash has a 44,000 sq ft. area with multifunctional spaces offering gaming and entertainment. Being the preferred recreational playground of sports superstars like Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli & Cristiano Ronaldo, Smaaash has taken immersive interactive gaming and entertainment to the next level. We all know that, Bengaluru has not only been known as the Silicon Valley of India, but is also immensely popular for its entertainment, music and food culture.

Mr. Shripal Morakhia, Chief Imagination Officer, Smaaash Entertainment says, The launch of Smaaash is going to give the city, many reasons to cheer as we bring to Bengaluru, a never seen before gaming experience with fresh concepts, powerful simulative technology and innovative design”

Smaash offers over 30 borough games like 360-degree Smaaash Cricket Simulator, Twilight Bowling, ‘Superkeeper’ the supersonic Football game, Virtual Reality games like, FlyMax, F1 Simulator apart from classic Arcade Games.  Other experiences to look forward to are the Oculus-based ‘Finger Coaster’, ‘Nitro Wheelie’ a super bike simulator to name a few. I experience few of these and truly overwhelmed with joy, these are really required for Bangaloreans and especially kids just love it.

After playing all these games, one must visit “Might Small” Café. As I said above, the café is designed to suit all age groups as menu is designed to have all small, mighty and mightiest packages!


It was a weekday afternoon and decided to drop in, since there was so much hype about the place and being a foodie, I love to visit any new restaurant in the town to satisfy my desire! I was too excited when I heard that, café is carnival themed. It was around 1pm and restaurant was half filled! DSC07089.JPG

Ambiance: The place gives a feel of wonderland, complete with circus-inspired awnings and carousels above your seating booths and disco lights! DSC07164.JPG

As soon as we sat, a unique tent-shaped menu arrived on our table to match the theme of a place. I always go with Chef’s recommendation, whenever I visit new place. DSC07158.JPG

In Mighty Small, I was told these dishes are Signature & must try!


  1. Chili Cheese Lollipops – In recent times, I notice that Cheese Balls are something very common and became signature dish in most of the pubs & restaurants in town. But in Mighty Café, they mixed chopped green chilies in Cheese and served with a sauce made out of Honey & Red Chili Flakes. This is an apt starter for Vegetarians and goes perfectly with any sort of liquor! DSC07091.JPG
  2. The Koliwada Popcorn Mushroom – One of the stewards advised to try this when we were browsing to try a next starter. The dish was presented in a unique manner on a wooden tray and accompanied with Coconut Chutney. I find the dish is really good with perfect level of crispness and looks similar to chicken popcorn in KFC. However, the coconut chutney doesn’t go well with dish. I feel it would be better, if they serve some garlic mayo or other suitable dips. DSC07132.JPG
  3. Kung Fu Potato – I loved the dish. Since, the boiled potato was perfectly fried with some red hot sauces & chunks of green chilies gave a perfect spice level. Especially people who eat spicy stuff will adore it. However, they should work on evenness. Because few of the pieces were lack of crispness. DSC07120.JPG
  4. Hot Basil Paneer – Basil is something I love on & on! The Paneer was super soft and tastes excellent. However, except the basil flavor, it tastes similar to Kung Fu Potato’s masala. Overall, the dish won’t disappoint! DSC07138.JPG

Main Course,

  1. Roasted Mushroom with burnt garlic & feta Cheese Pizza – I remember the thin Pizza I had previously at Café Mezzuna, here it’s even thinner and tastes decent! This pizza is recommendable only for the people, who really love burnt garlic flavor. I find this combination is unique! DSC07143.JPG
  2. The Paneer Biryani – A nice presentation of serving Biryani in a Porcelain Pickle Jar. The Biryani was good. However, the huge pieces of Paneer made the dish slightly down. It wasn’t kind of any authentic Biryani but tastes better and good amount of portions. DSC07154.JPG


  1. A Rainbow Cake – It looks colorful & charms like a Spectral. However, tastes quite ok and this could have been better. I will probably avoid this! DSC07147.JPG
  2. Sundae – I sensed fresh cream, dry fruits, and cookie crumbs more than an Ice-cream in it. They served in a bowl, which is really uncomfortable. DSC07160.JPG


  1. Lemon Grass Iced Tea (LIT’S) – It was really good and strong though with right amount of liquor addition. However, I couldn’t sense the flavor or aroma of lemon grass. It was presented nicely and looks colorful though! DSC07101.JPG
  2. Blue Frog (LIT’S) – Another LIT made out of five liquors with Red Bull, I liked this more than a above one! Thumps up for this drink! DSC07085.JPG

Overall, it’s a nice place to hang around with family and friends after playing some games at “Smaash” and I will definitely recommend this place anytime. Since, it’s a new place. So, they will need some time to catch hold of things.

Venue: Smaaash, 2nd Floor, 1 MG-Lido Mall, Trinity Circle, MG Road, Bengaluru – 560001

Phone: 080-25066900

Restaurant Timing: 12:30 pm to 1 am (weekdays) and 11 am to 1 am (weekends)

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