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Unequivocally Sattvik – Higher Taste, Rajajinagar, Bengaluru.

January 6, 2015

There’s something unique about the food at Higher Taste, the fine dining restaurant at ISKON. I’ve been there several times and on each visit, there’s something innovative to look forward to.
I guess it’s got to do with the fact that world over ISKON has a culture of serving good food to its devotees and in generous quantities, a practice set up by its founder i guess
There are stories about Prabhupada serving a lavish Sunday brunch to its devotees. The food culture is so strong in ISKCON; it’s no surprise that Higher Taste too follows the same concept.
Even something as basic as buns is made soft and fluffy, without eggs. And that’s surprising. Then there are the crisp bread sticks served with an appetizing soup. Recently we tried some starters and were convinced that this Sattvic restaurant is high on R&D. We ordered tandoori wale aloo makka. It turned out to be an assorted baby corn and potato dish cooked tandoori style. The dish won favour, though it didn’t have onion or garlic. The same can be said about kakori seekh. It may a challenge for others to make this, but Higher Taste has managed to smoothly blend veggies and greens, before it is barbecued on skewers.
In the main course, we opted for paneer gravy with Indian breads.
What makes Higher Taste worth a visit is that the restaurant is very active on R&D. With the result the restaurant has concocted a unique menu, it draws the essence of various global cuisines and serves it in Sattvic style. Occasionally the restaurant manages to create fusion versions.
In all, Higher Taste is worth a visit. This is a must-try restaurant, probably rare to find another such eating place in a temple.
Taste: 4.5/5
Ambiance: 4/5
Service: 4.5/5
VFM: 4/5

Address: ISKCON Temple Complex, Hare Krishna Hill, Chord Road,Rajajinagar, Bangalore. Phone # 080 49653567

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