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It all started from eating. No not simply stomach filling but passionate and enthusiastic consumption. Unleashing the various shades of food to savor its essence is all about my journey. Come stay along with me to feast your eyes with tempting pics and treat your tongue with tang. I call myself to be a proud Foodie apart from being an IT professional, I dedicate most of my free time for food. Exploring new places for food and showcasing it for the fellow foodies is been my favorite pastime.

The voyage is all about my love for food, the way it speaks up on my pictures and words. Check out to feel the power packed food presentation.

PS: Strictly for Food lovers!!!

Want to send me ideas, thoughts or suggestions? Mail me at bangaloreepicure@gmail.com or naveen.suresh3@gmail.com

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  1. Hi,
    I am a restauranter. Working on my next startup. Needed some netural people for tasting to give honest feedback. Would be great if you could make sometime on Wednesday at 4pm for tasting at Tilt in Koramangala. We would love to host you for the tasting.

  2. Hi,
    Writing to you to review our restaurant “The Greenpath Organic state in Malleshwaram”. Our restaurant is a platform set up to revive the millets and bring in awareness about organic food and sustainable living practices. We serve only organic healthy food and we do not use any processed ingredients in any of our dishes. It would be great if you could visit us. Thanks

  3. Name: Office Lunch Box
    Address: 104, 2nd Cross, Maruthi Layout, Chinnapanna Halli, Bangalore – 560037
    Phone: 9620583648 (Personal Number) 7338220909 (Office)

    Daily changing menu is prepared with inspiration from KONASEEMA (Coastal Andhra) style of food preparation. Food is prepared with quality ingredients, packed under supervision, and timely delivered to you at your office location in Bangalore.

    Please review and give your feedback.

    Thanks and regards,
    Naveen Vytla

  4. Hi,
    I wanted to connect with you for a masterclass happening next week. Can you help me with your direct number to get in touch?
    I have sent an email for the same.

  5. Hello hello. Loved reading your blog completely!!

    Iam like a day old in Bangalore. And a complete foodie. Looking at experts like you to guide me through the foodie journey in Bangalore

    I shall wait to hear from you

  6. Hey Naveen!!

    I found your blogs really good, would like to discuss about our brand with you! I sent you a Mail regarding our brand, please do have look @ it and revert to my email or reply here


  7. Hi Naveen,

    Your blogs are really interesting and different from other food bloggers. Interesting reads.

    We would like you to review a book related to kitchen management on your blog. Kindly get back to us.


  8. “Dear Ma’am

    We would like you to try our food and give your value feedback and review on Zomato Portal . We are online night delivery kitchen running since 2014 in Koramangala and Marathahalli. We would be delighted and grateful if you give us call on 9400705916 / 9980488186 or email us on sales@midnightmania.in regarding ordering the food from our outlet.

    Team Midnight Mania”

  9. Hi Naveen read your post about Oakton grain whisky. Need to know where can I find this in Bangalore and price of 700 ml bottle. Thank you.

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