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Deceptive Desserts By Aubree Haute Chocolaterie

April 1, 2019

I have an unconditional bonding with Aubree based on few realistic experiences and ever since then, my first preference for chocolates, cakes and boulangerie. All our family and friends knows about Aubree because of their Quality, Artistic work and Timely Delivery of cakes, which is their USP’s I would say!

After the 8 years of success story at Sadashivanagar, they opened another outlet in Koramangala which is bigger and better. The ambiance is simply magnificent!

Well, It’s April again, everyone around there will searching for new ways to fool people around. This time, I have got a unique idea for those people who are in the process of discovering new ways.

All credits of coming up with this concept goes to Aubree Haute Chocolaterie. So, all you have to do is to head to Aubree Sadashivnagar or Koramangala and pick your choice from their April fool collection.

Let me quickly run through their April fool collection:

Maghai Paan: The showstopper, everything used to make this is chocolate. The betel leaf is white chocolate, betel nut is cranberry coated with chocolate and the bubbles used in this was made of pomegranate juice. A bite of it is a bliss. Every part of the Paan is as it is would be like one of the Paanwala is preparing in one of the local paan shop.

Mini Golf: Looks definitely is deceiving, this one looks just the miniature version of golf court. The golf court is Belgian Truffle cake and the golf ball is white chocolate filled with caramel.

Back to School: I would have loved to go to school if I had got pencil and slate made of strawberry, mango, and orange chocolates. Now you try out this slate and pencil.

Tomapple: The name says it all. Looks like tomato with a filling of green apple compote and green apple chunks. You have to taste it to feel out of world.

Rusty Bolts – At first glance it’s just a bolt, but at first bite it reveals a more edible side. It’s made up of Praline Feuilletine and Framboise Dark Chocolate which is then placed on a piece of chocolate plate to give it a more realistic look.

This exclusive collection is available until April 15th, don’t miss to checkout.

Address: Aubree Haute Chocolaterie

421/A, Ground Floor, 80 Feet Rd, 6th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560047

Ph: 096111 17777

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