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Indulge the Canteen Style Food at “The Bangalore Pantry” Indiranagar, Bangalore

September 8, 2016

Indiranagar, a bustling place in Bangalore, where quite often new restaurants will pop-up! There are countless restaurants especially on 100 feet Road. A newbie, The Bangalore Pantry is flung recently right next to TOIT.


The Bangalore Pantry is an Indian Bistro which brings in the taste of Soul Indian Food in Bangalore. This cozy and quirky Bistro has Bygone Era style of décor with some Modern Twist. Precisely, the feel is more like our Koshys, Vidyarthi Bhavan and India Coffee House. Since, the couple who owns this place was inspired by the old legendary joints in the Town.


Mr. Anirban and Roshu, an inspired couple themselves are foodies and visited every corner of the City to adopt and involve the taste of Namma Bengaluru. The Bangalore Pantry is their Dream Material and knowledge they have about the food in Bangalore is Infinity!

The Couple realized that Bangalore has grown with IT revolution and melting point of different culture. So, they have introduced some of the dishes from Different Parts of India. These dishes might not be available in other restaurants like regular food.


To encourage their passion, an energetic Chef by name Rahoul Bose joined the hands in serving the extraordinary soul food to the patrons in Town. I also would like to talk about a lady by name Carol, who is the process and governance expert, she also has an indeed knowledge about the food.

Currently, they have limited menu which is restricted to Coffees, Kolkata Bhejitabil chop, Mutton Cutlet Pav, Rajma Chawal, Shikanji, Mumbai’s Keema Ghotala, Bombay Omelette, Avial Dosa, Mutton fry with dosa, Paneer Bhurji Pav, Cheese Bread Roll, Fire Toast, Achaari Aloo and Paratha, KBC, Bowring Kulfi and Caramel Custard.


I got an opportunity to try the dishes like,

  1. Fire Toast aka Cheese Chili Toast – The Toast was super soft, which was topped by the amalgamated spicy green chilies, Bell peppers and Cheese. When the dish was served, the cheese was oozing! The taste was exceptionally good and appealing! dsc09446
  2. Cheese Bread Roll – The dish looks more like a cutlet. However, you will not see vegetables. But the crispy bread blended with cheese gives a perfect flavor with the tamarind chutney. A recommended starter at The Bangalore Pantry.
  3. Bhejitabil Chop aka Beetroot Cutlet – An outstanding dish with crispy outside and soft inside. Spicy mustard sauce being served with this Cutlet.  dsc09423
  4. KBC or Khara Bun Congress – Not sure, how many of you are aware of this beautiful snack which is available in most of the legendary Iyengar Bakeries. The KBC here is almost similar to the one at VB Bakery. However, they could have worked better on the pricing part of this snack.  dsc09411
  5. Rajma Rice – I have been noticing the craving for this dish from my North Indian friends quite often. However, the dish is not available in most of the restaurants in Town. Though, I tried Rajma Chawal couple of times, I wasn’t impressed. But here, it was outstanding because of the spiciness and secret ingredient.                          dsc09496
  6. Paneer Burji with Pav – The Pav was soft and toasted moderately. Whereas the Paneer Burji was cooked with perfection. My prospective would be more of chopped green chilies, which certainly could have done better.    dsc09498
  7. Achaari Aloo with Paratha – As the name says, the Achaari baby Aloo was tangy and spicy with humble Parathas. Its tastes pretty decent and something staple.
  8. Caramel Custard – The Dessert was truly delicious! The Caramel Custard was slightly warm at the top and tasted indeed great.          dsc09508
  9. Bowring Kulfi with salted caramel sauce – The Salted Caramel sauce is topped on Popular Bowring Kulfi, the taste was fabulous and appealing to try another one.                                       dsc09522

Overall, it was a nice experience to meet such a passionate couple and savor delicious food. It was a unforgettable evening!

Thank you for having us at “The Bangalore Pantry”

Address: 298/299, Upper Ground Floor, 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore

Phone: 080 41600352

 Price for 2: 500 Approx..

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