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Milanese Food Festival at Aloro (Finest Italian Restaurant) – Crowne Plaza, Electronics City, Bengaluru.

June 22, 2015

Aloro in Crowne Plaza is an only classiest Italian restaurant in Electronics City and a perfect fine-dine restaurant in the town. I was invited for their Milanese Food Festival and the dishes were exclusive all the way from Milan.

I have close relationship with Crowne Plaza from almost 5 years; my work place is very near to Crowne Plaza and most of the corporate gatherings congregations here. I already visited “24@43”, “Terminus” couple of times and never noticed such a beautiful restaurant called “Aloro”.

Everyone knows that first impression is always a best impression. Yes, I was totally fascinated with their cordiality, amenity and off course ambience. They have invited some twelve food lovers on that beautiful evening on a fine weekend. Folks gathered here on batches from their respective localities and I was the first person to step in along with couple of foodie friends.

Bread Basket was served along with 3 different types of dips! I was fascinated with Focaccia Bread and ended up ordering one more serving.

As soon as we sat, a beautiful menu has arrived to our table including Milanese Festival Menu and Regular Menu.  We delayed for almost 30 minutes for others to join; personally I feel having a meal with foodies is always a pleasurable experience.  It was close to 8pm and everyone assembled at the Burgundy Grill dining area. Well, they have allocated complete place for us, in the sense they served “Aloro” food at Burgundy Grill dining area.

I have visited many fine dine restaurants in Bangalore and feel this is matchless among all. Chef. Mrunal Uday Damaskar is very kind towards guests who walked in to “Aloro”.

Along with Milanese Food Festival, there was Mango festival happening at the same time.  In Mango festival, they had wide range of Mocktails & Cocktails and same has been served based on our choices, which are extremely good and I don’t think we get anywhere.

Aloro has got a brilliant décor with pebble type flooring with artistic wallpapers on bright walls and an open wood fired Pizza unit! Warm light in the area gives pleasant dining experience. Aloro has nice architecture though!

Service is the crucial part in every restaurant and Aloro is eligible to get full marks in that. Well, the service was superb to other guests too! I could notice all these things while I was going here and there at the restaurant and people enjoyed their dining, noticed so many happy faces. Folks at Aloro are just amazing; they are jovial, knowledgeable and have got lot of patience.

We got an opportunity to try out almost 90% of the Milanese and regular menu because of colossal group. Below are the dishes I tried along with vegetarian friends!

Brodo di parmigiano – Clear soup of parmesan, cherry tomatoes and pesto ravioli – One of the best clear Italian soups and must try if you visit Aloro.

Minestrone ala genovese – Vegetable soup with basil pesto drops, rosemary sourdough bread – Vegetable soup with basil pesto drops, rosemary sourdough bread – I find similar to Parmigiano but lack of aroma. I was not so impressed!

Busecca – Beans flavored Classic Lombard regional soup – Bright orange color thick and refute to the above soups. Excellent taste though!

Cappucino de Funghi – Cappuccino of wild mushroom with black truffels – It served in coffee cup and looks like a coffee with brown consommé and garnished with foam. Classy soup and complete group impressed with it.

Pepe rosso e mandorle brushetta – Red pepper and almond bruschetta – Aroma of Olive oil and topped with a thick layer red pepper and herbs and presented brilliantly.

Caprese Salad – Tomato and fresh mozzarella salad – Dish looked fresh and cheese just melted in my mouth with pesto!

Parmigiano ai tre modi – Parmesan Trilogy with caremelized onions, italian black Truffle – Award Winning dish and trust me you will fall in love with it, the Parmesan soup on which a scoop of Parmesan ice-cream is positioned and a nice crunchy disc shaped wafer of parmesan placed on its brink! This is another dish where everyone impressed and ended up ordering another two.

A Margherita pizza – Although Margarita Pizza is common everywhere, but here it is unique and taste is absolutely terrific and I still feel the essence of it.

Taleggio Dip – Taleggio dip served with pan seared watermelon, mesclun salad & basil grissini – I feel this is somewhat unique and tastes decent! Presented indeed well!

Traditional Pizzoccheri pasta – Hand rolled Buckwheat pasta with four cheese sauce – Hand rolled Buckwheat pasta with four cheese sauce – Chef said that this is one of the traditional pasta of Milan and felt analogous to South Indian Roti essence.

Tortelli di Zucca – Pumpkin filled Ravioli with Parmesan cream emulsion

The Pasta Arrabiata


The Trio of Gelati – Rich Saffron, Fresh Fig & cherry, Caramelized Pistachio & rosemary

The Tiramisu – Traditional Italian mascarpone cheese and coffee desserts with sweet basil pesto.

St.Guiseppe fritters with lemon ice cream

Ghiaccio tre modi – Trio of Italian Ice orange, raspberry chili, blueberry

The Barbajada mousse – Chef special Popular Milanese dessert made with chocolate, milk, coffee.

I find every dish is special and gave a unique experience to my tongue; along with these dishes we tried Cocktails like Mangojito, Mango Tango and Mango Whisky Sour. These were signature cocktails during Mango Festival.

Cost for 2 people would be 3000 to 4000 INR

Address: 43, Hosur Road, Phase 1, Electronic City, Bangalore, Karnataka 560100.


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