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Relish the authentic Andhra Style food from Kitchen Rabbit

January 28, 2019

Kitchen Rabbit, A food delivery brand which has arrived to Bangalore serving authentic Andhra, North Indian and Chinese. It’s currently operating at Whitefield and soon spreading to other vicinities of Bangalore.

There are so many food delivery brands. However, this is exclusive because of various reasons.

1. Regional Chefs – Founders are very fond of food and they traveled across to try authentic food. While exploring, they met so many chefs & cooks who had deep knowledge on the cuisine. That’s how, they got to bring them and made on board.

2. Portion Size – They believe that, hunger is incomplete without proper consumption. Hence, the dishes portion is absolutely more than sufficient. I am pretty sure, one cannot regret the fact.

3. Value for Money – Though the portion size is more, they haven’t priced more. Because Food is passion for them. To be frank, they are in to different businesses where they can make money.

Well, what did I try?

Veg Gold Coin – The Bread discs topped with slightly mashed vegetables & Indian spices. This deep fried dish was just perfect with burst of flavours. And we don’t need either Sauces or Chutneys to accompany with!

Paneer Pakoda – The small cubes of battered fried Paneer and sautéed in Curry Leaves & Green Chillis were certainly extraordinary. The crunch & crisp wasn’t lasted till the last one. However, spice could have been more to get the punch.

Ulavacharu Veg Pulao – I remember having this dish at Hyderabad a couple of years ago. Here it was excellent again with high quality spices, long grain basmati rice, perfectly boiled vegetables, apt flavours and lastly, the flavour of ulavacharu. Its highly addictive!

Avakaya Biryani – As far I know, preparation of this dish is difficult. The Chefs at Rabbit Kitchen nailed it. The sourness of mango and heat of Biryani amalgamated very well. Every spoon bite with raita loaded with green chillis and chopped onions is heavenly feel. I would say, this was the show stopper!

Apricot Delight – Since I am not a dessert person, it was fine for me as it was not too sweet. It’s exactly like the way I want.

And, this is started Mr. Madhukar Nekkanti & Mr. Venkat Garu. It was an honour to meet personally to experience it. This venture is another feather to his cap for the love of food!

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Check out Kitchen Rabbit on @Zomato!

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