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Specially Crafted Cocktails for Halloween Day from Diageo’s Black & White Whisky

November 1, 2016

This Halloween day celebrations heated up with spooky Black & White Scotch Whisky Cocktails. Halloween party is never complete without scary and lip smacking cocktails. On the eve of the weekend, to grace the Halloween occasion, it was a great party thrown by United Spirits Limited at Hoppipola.


Sebastian Krishnan, the brand ambassador of United Spirits demonstrated how to prepare some funny cocktails for the Halloween. The cocktails included Black & White Witch tasted awesome. This drink was followed by chilling Vampire’s drink, a perfect one to greet the Halloween; it will be a great fun to savor these drinks that signify the occasion.


The next drink was a classic old fashioned twist of Zomb’ tea which tasted out of the world. The ambience was all set with Pumpkin Spooky and devil’s horns to modify the place into a perfect haunted land. With all of these the last drink for the evening, Black & White goblin arrived. I enjoyed all of these drinks thoroughly and was craving for more.


Along with the drinks, we got bit of an insight about the history of Black & White, one of the finest Scotch whisky. United Spirits Limited (USL) was established in 1826. The company is well-established and sells 120 mn cases annually.

USL now is a subsidiary of Diageo plc which is a global leader in beverage alcohol and has a great collection of outstanding brands. USL also is the largest Indian spirits company. Some of its products include Royal Challenge, Antiquity, and McDowell’s No.1. IMFL Whisky, Scotch whisky, rum, brandy, wine, gin, and vodka are produced and sold by USL.


Some of the iconic brands such as VAT 69, Smirnoff, Ciroc, and Johnnie Walker of Diageo are imported, manufactured and sold in India by USL. For a better brand choice, one can definitely go for it as the company has traversed a valuable journey to reach this destination.

Overall, the Halloween party thought me a lot of new variety recipes that I totally loved. A big cheer to Diageo plc, USL, and all the cocktails!


Below are the recipes of these Cocktails.

1. The Black & White Witch
Ingredients: Black & White – 45ml, Lime juice – 10ml, Peach Syrup – 15ml, Angustra Bitters – 3 Dash, Soda – Top up
Method: Build
Glassware: Tom Collins
Description: Black & white served tall and refreshing with soda and a hint of peach. To Witch!


2. The Vampire’s Drink
Ingredients: Black & White – 45ml, Watermelon – 4 Dices, Lime Juice – 10ml, Sugar Syrup – 10ml, Soda – Top up, Basil – 4 leaves.
Method: Shaken
Glassware: Tom Collins
Description: Black & White mixed with watermelon, lime and splash soda looks like frozen Blood!!


3. Zomb Tea
Ingredients: Black & White – 45ml, Darjeeling Tea syrup – 20ml, Angustra Bitters – 3 Dash
Method: Stir
Glassware: Old Fashioned
Description: A Classic old fashioned twisted with Black & White for “Zombies”


4. Devil’s Horns
Ingredients: Black & White – 45ml, Passion Fruit syrup – 15ml, Lime Juice – 10ml, Orange Juice – 30ml, Tabasco Sauce – 5 Drops.
Method: Shaken
Glassware: Martini Glass
Description: The Devil’s Special mix of Black & White with passion fruit, Orange and Fiery Tabasco!


5. Pumpkin Spooky
Ingredients: Black & White – 45ml, Lime Juice – 10ml, Blood Orange Syrup – 15ml, Egg white (optional) – 15ml
Method: Shaken
Glassware: Wine Glass
Description: Black & White whiskies sour with a spooky twist.


6. The Black & White Goblin
Ingredients: Black & White – 45ml, Lime Juice – 10ml, Kiwi Fruit – Half, Apple juice – 20ml, Sugar Syrup – 10ml
Method: Muddle & Shaken
Glassware: Martini Glass
Description: Green & Mysterious – Black & White with kiwi, which can “Shoot” You Down.


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