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Utterly Enchanting Waffles in Namma Bengaluru – Waffle Wale

December 10, 2014


Waffle Wale is the newly opened kiosk in Meenakshi Mall which is located on Bannerghatta Road. I got a chance to visit here along with my wife. Honestly I never heard about waffles and don’t even know what exactly is that. But trust me the experience along with the taste was impressive.
I am basically not a chocolate or sweet lover but now I started falling in love with waffles after having here for the first time in my life.
I asked the person who owns this kiosk about the waffles and their origin. He explained everything about it and impressed too (Being a foodie, I should know all these stuff).
Now it’s time to talk about the Waffles which we had, they basically offer 2 types and tried both with so many toppings and syrups. We requested them to provide in smaller portions as I felt it was huge and I might not get chance to taste maximum waffles.
1. Liege Waffle – Waffle itself was very crispy and brilliant with the syrups and topping. Pearl sugar added in it caramalizes the waffle indeed making it great.
2. Brussels Waffle – It looks like an Ice Tray and tastes great.
Hmmm, I got a chance to try smaller portions of both liege and Brussels waffles. I liked Brussels waffle more than liege waffles.
1. Brussels Waffle with Vanilla Ice-cream and strawberries – Trust me this is heaven and became a fan of waffles.
2. Brussels waffle with Maple Syrup – Mouth just waters if I think about this waffle, tastes awesome in one single word.
3. Liege Waffle with Nutella jam – I just tried and felt ok, as I said I am not a chocolate lover but my wife was impressed with it.
4. Liege waffle with belgium hot chocolate sauce – Same as above
5. Brussels waffle with rose blended syrup – One among my best, must try – Tastes really great and no words to explain.
6. Brussels waffle with Kiwi fruit and some syrup – I did not like it completely but it might be good for others.
7. Liege waffle with fresh blueberries – This is one of my favorites and I definitely recommend this for non-chocolate lovers like me.
Especially I would like to thank Mr. Chetan (Who owns this Kiosk) for his hospitality and recommendations in choosing best waffles. I feel everything is good here with those beautiful mouthwatering syrups and toppings.
This is one of the best place and only place to get a quick and best service from a kiosk staff. Everyone are so attentive and customer friendly.
Overall it was a great experience and everyone should visit this waffle shop!!
Quality: 5/5
Taste: 4.5/5
Service: 5/5

Address: Royal Meenakshi Mall, Opposite Hyper City,Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore. Phone # +91 8105902392

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