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Game Changer of Fine Dining –

April 3, 2015

Restaurant revolution is getting stronger from one or two decades because of Modern lifestyle. People become fastidious in visiting to restaurants based on Service, quality, ambiance more than a Taste. That’s why there are so many restaurants with diverse cuisines came to all major cities of India. Almost all restaurants are doing well with one or other factors.

Earlier 90’s people use to think about Budget especially in Middle Class families but now the trend has been changed people love to visit elegant restaurants without thinking of budget. First timers definitely feel shy because of table etiquettes, dress code and formal talks.

Fine dining restaurants are full service restaurants with explicit dedicated meal courses. Décor of such brasseries feature higher eminence materials with an eye towards the “atmosphere” desired by the restaurateur. The wait staff is habitually highly trained and often wears more formal outfit. Fine-dining restaurants are almost always small businesses and are generally either single-location maneuvers and have just a few locations.

These things are following from ages and I did not see any change after so much of development in Food & Beverage Industry. Some cases people think that “Why should I go for Fine Dining restaurant for small portion of food with high prices” Yes, this is a strange fact and most of us think in mind.

Well, to get rid of all these has arrived. They had come up with innovative way of providing fine dining and will be a game changer for all traditional perceptions. partnered with few elegant restaurants in different cities like Pune, Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. They provide 3 courses or 4 course meal with Signature dishes which you don’t get in regular menu. Each familiarity and menu is premeditated by the curators to emphasize the quality and uniqueness of the restaurant, chef or cuisine. This is one of the superlative online food portals with eye-catching discounts without compromising on quality, taste and service.

People book through will have a dedicated person to make you comfortable during your visit to partnered restaurants. did lot of research to implement fine dining and reach common people. is a rebranding of

Here are some of the restaurants associated with in Bangalore:
Smoke House Deli, Sancho’s, 100 ft, Republic of Noodles, The Glass House, Shiro, California Pizza Kitchen, Om Made Cafe, Singkong, Yauatcha and so many.

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